Irish Bonnachts (Warriors) for Saga

Next up in my Irish War-band for Saga are my warriors . The Irish Bonnachts. Made up of 3 groups of 8. Totalling 3 points in Saga. Most are armed with javelins. Though for variety I have included some command and feature characters which offer some aesthetic variety.

They are mostly made up from Footsore’s excellent range of Dark Age Irish models, here and here with some additions from Warlord’s Celtic range.

The banner is from the extensive range offered over at Little Big Man.

I’m again pleased with how these have turned out each group has a lot of individuality colour and character. I think I have managed to inject just enough colour without overdoing it for the dark ages. All of which my earlier Welsh Priodaur (Warriors) were definitely lacking.

I’ve been continuing to really enjoy the photographing and compositing process. I have learnt a lot and am happy with my progression and continue to move forward with the practice finding my way though trial and error.

I have found the Irish to be a formidable force on the gaming table a good match for all comers and great fun to play.

Hope you enjoy I certainly have.

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