Irish Kerns (Levy) for Saga

So I’m back at the table and keen to show off my Irish War-band That I was working on when last I was blogging. First up are my Levy. The Irish Kerns. Made up here of a group of 12 slingers, 1 Point in Saga.

I made the group up from a mix of figures from Crusader slingers & skirmishers and slingers from Warlord.

I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out, with a lot of character. You can see everyone in the settlement banded together to drive back the invaders.

With the Irish’s formidable shooting abilities they make a force to be reckoned with on the table. Strategically placed they can be a real headache for your opponent for a good many turns and a considerable drain on their troops.

Lots of fun to play !

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