Blue screen experiments

Thought it would be fun to share some of last nights process of experimenting with blue screen compositing my images of my little men with you.

I just messed around with a free app Bluescreen-it which I down loaded from the App Store on to my trusty iPhone 6S. It was simple fast to learn and easy to use. Being very basic it of course had its limitations.

So here they are warts and all.

1. Dark Age Pylon 🤣

Didn’t closely check the background image I was using here. I was selecting from tiny thumbnails whilst not wearing my glasses. Made me chuckle once I spotted it.

I can just imagine this on a larger scale on a film shoot. Trying to re-create the dark ages out on the marshes or an alien land scape in a quarry somewhere. Reviewing the footage later only to spot an errant pylon in the background.

The hard comic book line around the rocks is far from ideal. On the positive side the image took  no time at all to achieve few minutes making selection then just seconds of rendering time a quick trim then done. Ok

2. Red sky at Night Warlords Delight.

Went for something more dramatic second time around hoping it would hide the hard edge. Wasn’t fully successful. But moving in the right direction.

3. And the Sky Turned Black with Rage !

This was far more effective and completely made up for the limits of the app in creating a quick effective image. Over all however I may have to seek out a more effective app to use for creating these kinds of images as I don’t want to exclusively use dark or night sky’s.

I will experiment with green screen next as there seem to be more apps available for that.

I will also look at finding a piece of software which might allow me to soften the hard edge this app is creating which might also be the way forward.

I am now enjoying photographing these little guys just as much as painting and gaming. It brings a whole new dimension to the creative process.

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