I was on the road in the south west a fair bit lately so decided to stop and make an inspirational visit to Stonehenge.

IMG_001 (2)

This was my favourite of the photos I managed with my phones camera.

At one point as we made our way round a Merlin settled atop what is left of the Great Trilithon and peered down at us before flying off to the South East. A nice romantic poetic moment for me.

The site definitely does have a powerful energy which despite being quite busy and obviously commercialised I experienced as very introspective, reflective, peaceful and thoughtful. (Although all the audio tours do make you feel a bit like you are Charles Xavier at times ūüėÄ )

I will be thinking of this visit when I am painting my ring of miniature standing stones.

Saga: Age Of The Wolf

Very excited to find out more about the Age Of The Wolf a new Viking Age campaign system for Saga from Gripping Beast more details to be announced next week !


Age Of The Wolf will be a complete system for 2 or more players with each player leading a 4 point war band, (from any of the dark age factions), in an ongoing struggle to gain land and wealth and build reputation. Contesting the ultimate prize of becoming king.

It will hopefully be released at SALUTE.