So it begins

The Vikings are coming !


Let battle commence !

A lone Irish Curaidh, (Champion) and a group of four Fianna, (Hearthguards) survey the advancing Viking lines of Hirdmen, (Hearthguards) and Bondi (Warriors).

3 Crusader Miniatures Irish figures. (With 2 non Irish subs), Lancelot from Footsore Miniatures and a random Saxon from the Gripping Beast plastics range.

(Full new Irish war-band project ongoing ATM.)


The Curaidh and Fianna have been cut down in the kill zone and utterly defeated. The Bonnachts, (Warriors) of the village step up to the mark to defend their homes.


Bonnachts vs Bondi clash of the Warriors. A nonchalant Warlord, his jeering band of Hirdmen armed with Dane Axes and a berserker bear bring up the rear.


The Irish Bonnachts push for advantage the Viking Warlord falls back to cover. More Hirdmen rush to close the gap.


On the flank the Irish Kerns (Levy) armed with slings destroy the Viking advance.


A great sorcerer inspires the Irish to victory on the field of battle this day !

My Troops, Irish Bonnachts and Kerns, consist of Gripping Beast plastics from the Dark Age Warrior set. They were the very first army painted and were originally fielded as a Welsh war-band. They have been subbing as the Irish for some time with the addition of a band of warrior war dogs.

I now have a full Irish war-band under way.  There will be pictures 🙂

The sorcerer is Merlin from Footsore Miniatures.






6 thoughts on “So it begins

  1. Hi! I just dropped in to thank you for all your ‘Likes’ on my blog about Skorn. Your stuff looks good, I’ve never been a gamer but I’m now following your blog as the images of your work are interesting, reminds me of some of the stuff my son does in model-making. Were you attracted to Skorn because it has the same name as a game? In fact I think Alistair and I invented our world, Skorn, before the game was created, but I hope people don’t get confused! Good wishes – Sue Bridgwater


    1. Hello Ma,
      The similarities are not coincidental it is my work 😀
      In fact I got the title for my blog “Sagenwelt” from an essay in a book you lent me some years ago. The essay was called “Sagenwelt and the world of sage” I do believe. The title of the collection escapes me. As the main game I play is called Saga and the main focus for me when gaming is the stories told within the game it seemed appropriate. I had no idea there was a game called Skorn I will have to check that out, though I’m sure your and Alistairs world is superior !


    2. Don’t think there will be to much confusion between the gaming and literary worlds a Google search for “Skorn game” only shows a fortress in the “World of Warcraft” online computer game and an axe in another computer game
      “Diablo III”.


      1. Goodness gracious me, tis my own little lad in disguise – has no idea you were on WordPress! I should have recognised the sheep icon…..


      2. I have only recently started this blog.
        I was not meant to be in disguise thought you would recognise the icon from Teddy Bear Army.
        Tis a Teddy Bear but his ears are partially missing so perhaps you are reading them as horns ?


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